The Kalamunda 1K Challenge (K1K)

22km +/-1000M

This course was created by Phattie John (aka "Dolomite John", aka "Pineapple John") and first run by Bernadette and him in June 2013, under cover of darkness. Once the route was verified with our four gps devices, we set out to initiate others into this very special club. Badges of honour have gone to (Phatties past and present):

PJ and Bernadette (night initiation): June 2013

Beck, Jane, Guy, Nathan (Le Fauve), Sanja: July 2013

Brett and JC (creator of "JC's box jump" addition): November 2013

Chris: January 2014

Mal (First Finish February 2014? Photo November 2014 at the box jump)

Vere and Vince: February 2014

Jamie (Fit Midget): April 2014 (first time was actually a night run!)

Karen: June 2014 & Jon (Trailblazer): October 2014


Monique: October 2014 & Tina: November 2014

Amanda: November 2014

Ian: January 2015

Wayne, Shiri, (with Matt -1st K1K Sept 2014) and Greg: May 2015

Hugo and Anita: May 2015

Amanda: First run was May 2015 with Ian, then she secret ran it a few times before this July 2016 stuffy run

Tiff: 1st time was Nov 2014. The photo below was at her birthday-request K1K in June 2016

Swiss Lukas: June 2016

Darren (AKA Sicknote or "Ren"): July 2016

Alan and Paul (Sir Barefoot Paul): October 2016

Tony: January 2018


Stephen: July 2018

Andre and Jackie: October 2019

Liza: October 2019

Luca and The Crispy Kid: January 2023

The K2 (Kalamunda Challenge Double) Club

Sanja (April 2014)

Brett and Jane (May 2014)