Bloated Goat (BG) - The 1 Mile D+ run

31km +/-1600M

This course was created by Bernadette (aka B, aka Mama Bear) in late 2014, run initially with 3 GPS devices! The route was finalised by mid-2015. Badges of honour have gone to (Phatties past and present):

Bernadette's solo recce: July 2015


Rudi: July 2015 & Jane and Ian: October 2015. Photo was taken when all three ran the course as a race in November 2015


John, showing that indeed, it's a tough course: October 2015


Nicolas: November 2015


Brett, Matt and Shiri*: February 2016 (no photo yet)

*The dreadest asterisk: honourable mention for nearly finishing - they missed Emergency Crumble trail at the end!